For sale offered a homestead on the coast of the Gulf of Vyborg in Vyborg District, Municipal Formation “Soviet Urban Settlement”, Sokolinskaya Volost (district), Medyanka Settlement

The house located in a beautiful place, a land plot with an area of 1 ha in ownership. The territory divided according with architectural and landscape purpose and included additionally: Park zone with a pond, garden, game zone, birch grove.
A road to the Gulf with a pier is constructed and the contract of lease a water area of 10,000 sq. m has been legalized. The plot has 1 central entrance and 3 delivery gates.
Land category – lands of settlements
Permitted use – individual housing construction

The Object consists of:
The main building – 270 sq. m (residential – 126 sq. m), included: living and children rooms, gym, kitchen, WC and bathroom units on 3 floors.
I basement: sauna with a swimming pool and cellar with a refrigeration unit, garage and rooms for engineering services and utilities.
Bath complex – 160 sq. m includes: Russian sauna, hall with Russian stove and kitchen, pool, solarium, winter garden, billiard room. 
House of a watchman – 30 sq. m;
Garage with workshops – 56 sq. m;
Smoky sauna;
Winter pavilion;
Uzbek pavilion with tandyr (national stove);
Scandinavian pavilion with smoking shed;
Thai tea pavilion.

Engineering services and facilities
Electric power supply – from Transformer Substation “TP-20” – 200 kW;
Spare diesel-generator with automatic switch up;
Water supply from artesian well 20 cubic m/h and multi-stage water purification system;
Heat supply and hot water supply from independent boiling plants;
Wastewater treatment system;
Dry refuse burner;
Domestic solid waste coming-out is carried out by housing management of the Soviet Urban Settlement Municipal Formation.

The homestead located on a picturesque coast of the Gulf of Vyborg in a quiet place – in a solitary forest area.
A picturesque plot in 15 km from Vyborg and in 130 km from the Ring Road with good access roads.  Beautiful view of Gulf of Vyborg water area and surrounding islands, nice nature, convenient transport accessibility, wonderful hunting and fishing. Forest area round the settlement.
Coast line and bottom configuration allow an easy equipment of a berth for yachts. Plenty of free space and a landscape allow, if desired, the arrangement of a helipad.
The homestead located on the territory of an old Finnish farm, which is known for its extraordinary rich history, as well as breathtaking ecology and energetic. The Nature endued this area with reach flora, among which it was possible to meet a rare types of vegetation.
 Beautiful view, nice nature, convenient transport accessibility, wonderful hunting and fishing, availability of the own pier for the boat or yacht. Forest area round the settlement. A Landscape design is carried out on the plot, retaining walls and paths are made –everything of natural stone.
Medyanka-Niemela. Before 1939 the Niemela village was a part of  Johannes Volost (rural district) of Vyborg Province (Finland).