date of realization:
15-10-2019 at 10:00
Application deadline:
14-10-2019 at 15:00
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги состоялись

Sale of premises with a total area of 5,150.9 sq.m. at the address: 53A, Peterburzhskoe Shosse, Tver, Tverskaya Oblast

Cut-off price
70 000 000 ₽
Starting price
99 990 000 ₽
Step upwards
299 990 ₽
Step downwards
5 998 000 ₽
The deposit amount
4 999 500 ₽
Myakutina Victoria
+7 (980) 701-15-25


Proposed for sale at the auction of a single lot:
  • Object 1: Non-residential premise with the total area of 5,150.9 sq.m., located at the address: 53A, Peterburzhskoe Shosse, Tver, Tverskaya Oblast, cadastral number: 69:40:0100183:19 (consists of premises: basement - No. 1, 1st floor - No. 1-51, 51а-52, 52а-53, 53а-54, 54а-55, 55а-56, 56а-60, 88а, 89, 90, 90а-91, 91а, 93-96, 2nd floor - No. 1-38, 40, 108, 3rd floor - No. 1, 2, 4-8, 10, 11, 11а-30, 107-108, 4th floor - No. 1-31, 33, 72, 5th floor - No. 1-24, 63, 64, 6th floor - No. 1-36, 76, 7th floor - No. 2-39, 8th floor - No. 1-41, 10th floor - No. 4-9).
  • Object 2: The right to lease a land plot with the area of 13,183 sq.m., cadastral number: 69:40:0100183:2, categories of lands: lands of settlements, type of permitted use: for an administrative building, the location is set relative to the landmark located within the boundaries of the site, the postal address of the landmark: 53A, Peterburzhskoe Shosse, Tver, Tverskaya Oblast.
Existing restrictions (encumbrances) of rights: not registered.
Year of construction: 1989.
The building is equipped with engineering systems:
  • electricity supply,
  • plumbing,
  • the sewerage system,
  • heating,
  • hot water supply.
Office finish standard and Euro quality, partly simple, in good condition.
Location and transport accessibility
The non-residential premises are located in a ten-storey administrative building located in Zavolzhsky Rayon within the boundaries of the quarter bounded by Peterburzhskoe Shosse, Pereulok Zinoviya Talvinskogo, passing along the territory of ДСК, next to the main transport highway of the district (not the first line of houses, at a distance of about 100 m. from Peterburzhskoe Shosse, on the first line of houses of the secondary street of the micro-district (Pereulok Zinoviya Talvinskogo), opposite the 7th city hospital. The building has access roads of good quality. Traffic is low in the vicinity of the object. There are parking spaces next to the building in a dedicated small parking lot and on the adjacent street. The nearest public transport stop, the 1st medical unit, is located about 150 m. from the entrance to the building (buses, shuttle buses). The intensity of pedestrian flows near the object is average. Availability of public transport facilities is characterized as good, while road transport is not limited.
Surroundings: residential multi-storey apartment buildings with a predominant height of 5 floors, the ground floors of which have built-in office and commercial premises. Nearby are: 7th city hospital, industrial areas of ДСК  and Tver Carriage Works.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • excellent transport and pedestrian accessibility of the object;
  • availability for immediate use of vacant space as office space;
  • possibility to use the premises for various activities - as an object of sale in its entirety or with its division into parts;
  • availability of existing short-term lease agreements and possibility to conclude new ones.