date of realization:
18-06-2020 at 11:00
Application deadline:
14-06-2020 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги через 11 дней

Non-residential premise located at the address: 4а, Pesochnaya Street, Izhevsk, the Udmurt Republic

Cut-off price
779 250 ₽
Starting price
1 039 000 ₽
Step upwards
50 000 ₽
Step downwards
25 975 ₽
The deposit amount
103 900 ₽
Sheronova Tatyana
8 (831) 419-81-83, 419-81-84


Address: 4а, Pesochnaya Street, Izhevsk, the Udmurt Republic
Built-in non-residential premise, located on the 1st floor of a five-storey residential brick house (1981). The facade overlooks Pesochnaya Street.
Total area of the premise: 27.5 sq.m.
Cadastral number 18:26:010241:859.
There is a separate entrance.
The premise is provided with all communications: water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity.
Currently, the premise is not used.
The nearest surroundings are represented by residential and social objects: Oktyabrsky District Administration, Federal Cadastre Chamber, court section, etc. are located in close proximity to the building.