The project of complex development of the territory in the city of Anapa

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398 000 000 ₽
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Smirnova Vera


For sale is offered a land plot of 44.2 ha, located within the boundaries of the village of khutor Krasny.
In respect of the territory, a project of planning and surveying of the territory has been developed and agreed upon.
The offered territory is located in a distance of 2 km. from the Black Sea coast and 600 m. from the lake Chemburk, famous for its curative mud.
The technical and economic indicators have been agreed upon in the ППТ and ПМ:
Area of the territory of the Ж-1Б: 219,928 sq.m.
Area of the territory of the Ж-МЗ: 9,608 sq.m.
Area of the territory of the ОД-2: 82,405 sq.m.
Population: 1,340 people. 
Population density: 29.2 persons/ha.
In accordance with the approved town planning documents, the plots offered for sale are located in the territorial zones: 
  • «Ж-1Б» is a zone of development of individual houses with cattle and bird keeping, which has the main types of permitted use (type of permitted use, such as individual residential construction, ЛПХ, guesthouses).
  • «Ж-М3» is a zone of development of low-rise residential buildings with the main type of permitted use is blocked (sectioned) residential development, guest houses, low-rise apartment buildings.
  • «ОД-2» is a zone of business, public and commercial purpose, of local importance, where type of permitted use includes apartments-hotels, hotels, shopping malls and shopping centers, as well as entertainment and multifunctional complexes.