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Sale of the razmezhyovanny land plot in 34 hectares. The ready investment project on 154 sites

Yaroslavl region, Pereslavsky district, Lychensky rural district, near the village. Hills, DNT "Expanse"
The manager of object:

Valek Anton

+7(977) 549-09-96; +7(495) 234-04-00

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Initial price
14 280 000 rub.
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The deposit must be received by Bidding Organizer not later than 22 July, 2014
Definition of bidders and issue of protocol of definition of auction participants performed on 23 July, 2014 at 12:00.
Handing of notices and cards to bidders is carried out with a passport and, if necessary, a power of attorney available on July 24, 2014 from 10:30 to 10:55 at the address: Moscow, Crystal lane, 1, 1st floor, "Secretariat of Bidding".

157 land plots of land ready for cottages construction in Suburban Non-Commercial Community “Razdolye” near Gorky village, Pereyaslavsky District, Yaroslavl’ Region

Sale of delimited land plots for cottages construction + development
Ready land plots for construction of suburban community.

Investment Highlights
For sale offered block of three land plots at 4,132 rubles per one hundred square meters, total area of 145.2 he (34+105+ 6):
- DELIMITED 34 he for 155 plots and READY for development, according to the approved development plan;
- Two adjacent plots of 105 he (76:11:111406:191) and 6 he (76:11:111400:0013);
- Land plots are ready for organization of suburban non-commercial community, a resolution APPROVING the project of organization and construction of suburban community "Razdolye" is AVAILABLE.
- The survey showed: the potential users of this district have a steady demand for garden plots. Some reasons for demand:
- Plots are surrounded by mixed forest with mushroom places;
- Lands of plots are fertile areas and suitable for growing different plants;
- Approximately 20 km away is Pereyaslavskoe hunting farm;
- In walking distance there is a group of water reservoirs;
- Eco-friendly and picturesque district;
- The district is full of different points of interest: monasteries, museums, nature reserves and parks.
- According to the plan of development, the organization of water reservoir is possible and THERE ARE ALL necessary conditions for it.
- On the territory of the area there are several FUNCTIONAL buildings: building of sawmill in operating status, building for security, building for livestock.
Functional zoning of the area:
Category of lands: lands for agricultural purposes
Permitted use: for cottages construction

- Electric power supply: a transformer is installed with allocated capacity of 250 kW (may be increased)
- Water supply: Artesian well

Location and surroundings of the Object:
- The Object is located 140 km from Moscow along Yaroslavl’ highway, in the Yaroslavl’ Region , Pereslavl’ District, Lychenskiy Rural Okrug , near the village of Gorki.
- 8 km from the federal highway M8, along the paved road.
- 21 km from a large and picturesque lake Plescheyevo.
- Transport accessibility: private vehicles, bus service (one can get to the place by from Moscow, Pereslavl’, Yaroslavl’ and Vladimir).