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Representational space on Kutuzov 30/32

Moscow, Kutuzov prospect, 30/32
Total area
517 m²
The manager of object:

Valek Anton

+7(977) 549-09-96; +7(495) 234-04-00

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Initial price
120 000 000 rub.
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Shares of Open Joint Stock Company “DARNEL Group”.
Number of shares sold: 100 (one hundred) shares, that is 100 (one hundred) percent of the total number of shares of the Company.
Type of shares: common nominal uncertificated shares;
Nominal value of one share: 840 (eight hundred forty) rubles;
The total amount of the shares issued by nominal value: 84,000 (eighty-four thousand) rubles;
Location of the Company: 121165, Moscow, Kutuzov avenue, 30/32.
TIN 7729386972
Information on state registration of the Company: registered by Chief Directorate of Moscow Registration Chamber on 14.09.1999 № 083.963; added in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities by the Unified Inter-District Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxation of Russia № 39 of Moscow on 20.09.2002.
Primary State Registration Number – 1027739231410.
State Registration Number of shares issue: 1-01-04266-A;
Date of State registration of issue – 20 December 1999;
Registrar: Open Joint Stock Company “DARNEL Group” (the issuer);
Encumbrances (limitations) of the Object: none.

The Company owners on the basis of the right of ownership the premises with a total area of 513.6 sq. m (basement premises IV-3 rooms 1-16, 1st floor premises I-3 rooms 1-22, mezzanine 1 premises III-3 rooms 1-3), cadastral (conventional) number 88286, located at the address: Moscow, Kutuzov avenue, 30/32, that is confirmed by a Certificate of Registration of the Right of 12.01.2004, series and number 77 AB 304275, a registration record in the Unified State Register of Immovable Property Rights and Related Transactions № 77-01/06-159/2000-5761 of 09.02.2001.